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Our Story 

Our founder had a vision of a place that could provide hope and healing to women hurting 5 years ago after completing a 40 day fast of self reflection, she was able to see clearly what her purpose in life was. At that time she was serving women in the inner city areas of Southern California. Because of the reality of the vision, she ran and put it out of her mind. It was only when she was confronted with the very problem she ran from through her daughter Heaven that she surrendered to God's call and is now pursuing the vision of an Empowerment Campus Oasis; a place where women can come to be treated through phases of healing. 

New Beginnings Empowerment Center Inc believes Jesus Christ is the center of all things and with him all things are possible. It is New Beginnings mission to provide services designed as a bridge to self-sufficiency and permanent reintegration back into the community



New Beginnings Empowerment Center Inc. Is Here To Help You Find Your Voice!!

The CDC defines sex trafficking as follows: "Sex trafficking is defined by the Trafficking Victims Protection Act of 2000 as “the recruitment, harboring, transportation, provision, or obtaining of a person for the purpose of a commercial sex act”. It involves the use of force, fraud, or coercion to make an adult engage in commercial sex acts, or if a minor, to cause them to commit commercial sex acts".  If you are someone or knows someone that fits this description please reach out for help through our hotline. You have a voice!

If you need someone to listen please contact our Hotline (925) 718-6069


By giving to our cause New Beginnings will be able to provide the following services. Please donate by using the Give button above.



Provide Shelter

Establishing Housing

Provide interim housing while assisting in making the transition to permanent housing in a safe, clean, and cohesive environment in a centrally located area while helping women re-build their mental, emotional and spiritual state in an effort to provide/assist with health and nutrition coaching as well as life skills coaching among other services to be reintegrated into the community and untimely obtain permanent employment and housing.


Assist in permanent housing placement by networking within the community in an effort to establish relationships with corresponding realtors & leasing homeowners and home management agencies in an overall effort to provide long term housing & stability for our clients.

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Health & Nutrition Coaching

Provide intensive counseling and case management – both spiritual and emotional counseling by way of our Continuum of Care Alignment Model (COCAM) process in an effort to assist and tend to the emotional and spiritual well-being of our female clients.


Assist in health and nutrition coaching, which will be geared towards helping our clients become physically healthy by providing the knowledge necessary to obtain and consume foods that will better help them feel their best physically by establishing everyday habits that will contribute to a healthy lifestyle that will be sustained.


Life Skill Training,

Employment Training & Placement 

Provide a foundation in our transformational coaching method methodology that will successfully create lasting good productive habits while also teaching and helping our clients implement the necessary life skill needed though transformational life/skills coaching. This will help our clients become self-sufficient and gain confidence in all life skills outlined in an effort to create a successful life.


Provide a set employment curriculum designated to provide the necessary skills needed for general employment that can be expounded on through hands on experience and future educational training.


Assist in employment placement by networking within our community establish relationships  and employment contracts for temporary employment with an emphasis on permanent positions after a 90 day work period with corresponding businesses and business owners.

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Opening 2019 with your help & donations

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Please donate towards our cause by using the Give button above, or if you would like to get in direct contact with our founder please use the email below.

Contra Costa County, CA, USA